In 1960, while the a ny Yankee outfielder he was American Group MVP acquired a gold Glove

In 1960, while the a ny Yankee outfielder he was American Group MVP acquired a gold Glove

P11. Sports: Salida, California, 1876, earliest baseman into Chicago Cubs 1906 to 1912, element of a well known twice gamble trio. The expression “Tinkers to help you Evers in order to . ” most likely got him towards the Hall out of Magnificence, since the his 20 homeruns, 596 RBI’s, under .3 hundred average failed to get it done! Hint: Angel Cy More youthful winner 1964 A great. Frank Options B. Cap Anson C. Ernie Financial institutions D. Rogers Hornsby

P12. Stage/Screen: La Jolla, California, 1923, Antioch grad., represented JFK within the PT 109, Hype Aldrin reciprocally to World, and you may won a keen Oscar because the Charly from inside the Charly. Hint: Study books meet rules off buy. An effective. Hugh O’Brian B. James Arness C. Dale Robertson D. Cliff Robertson

P13. Additional Borrowing: When you look at the industry records, what year is frequently described as “The year out of Innovations”? A beneficial. 1775 B. 1812 C. 1848 D. 1863

P1. Art/Culture: Born in Wilmington, NC, in 1934, he went into journalism early was best known for his On the Road pieces, “nostalgic vignettes” of Americana on the CBS Evening News. A. Dan Rather B. Robert Novak C. Mile Wallace D. Charles Kuralt Hint: Miracle druggist?

Quotes: Maple Levels, Kansas, 1935, lovely poet, 1984 Pulitzer to possess American Primitive

P2. Geography: During the 2002, that it generally simple nation inserted the fresh Un? Hint: It isn’t usually the one Captain von Trapp fondly recalls if you are singing Edelweiss on the Voice out-of Musical. A beneficial. Austria B. Ireland C. Sweden D. Switzerland

P3. History: About this big date inside the 1846, he was offered the original U.S. patent getting a sewing machine. Hint: think of the composer of the battle Hymn of Republic. A good. B. F. Musician B. Isaac Bashevis Artist C. Eli Whitney D. Elias Howe

P4. Lang: Clifton, Kansas, 1839, he was a co-maker out of an authorship home and additionally a school classmate Adam Wagnalls. It blogged New Literary Breakdown together with Standard Dictionary of English Words. Hint: His son and you will grandson authored the term Fuel web page with the Reader’s Break-down. A great. Daniel Macmillan B. Isaac K. Funk C. Meters. Lincoln Schuster D. Bennett Cerf

P5. Lit: Bethlehem, PA, 1886, imagist poet had written Oread: “Whirl right up, sea– / Whirl your directed pines, Splash the great pines / Into the all of our rocks, /Hurl the eco-friendly more united states– /Defense all of us along with your swimming pools away from fir.” Is actually Oread, a great Greek slope nymph, contrasting the sea to your forest, or the other way around? Just who cares? Hint: Push-Me-Pull-You animal in a kids’ book. An excellent. Sylvia Plath B. Hilda Dolittle C. Gertrude Stein D. Elizabeth Bishop

P6. Music: Lares, Puerto Rico, 1945, blind musician/songwriter a guitar virtuoso; member of the new Greenwich Community visitors world during the early sixties, plus Dylan Van Ronk; most famous song are their Latin rendition out-of Jim Morrison’s Light My Flame. Hint: Also discover to own: Feliz Navidad. A. Joao Gilberto B. Ritchie Valens C. Richard Farina D. Jos Feliciano

P7. People: Produced from inside the 1934, 2 nd most well-known people created during the Hibbing, MN. When you look at the 1961, the guy struck 61 homeruns, eclipsing Ruth’s sixty homeruns in the 1927. Nevertheless brand new unjuiced listing? Hint: Sundae topping. A great. Roger Maris B. Mickey Mantle C. Reggie Jackson D. Joe DiMaggio

Lovely poem, pleasant poet!

P8. Potluck: An effective Canadian Primary Minister’s spouse, thirty years younger than he, who told you: “I want to become more than a rose in my own partner’s lapel.” She is! Writer, actress, picture taking, an television talk show servers. Adopting the divorce case, she had to. Think: Zonker Harris. A. Maryon Pearson B. Mila Mulroney C. Margaret Trudeau D. Geills Turner

P9. step 1. Poetry, are know, should be clear. 2. When it is over, I want to state: most of the living I happened to be a bride-to-be azement. I became the latest groom using the world to your my personal possession.” Hint: Poetic modus operandi An effective. Molly Malone Plan B. Maxine Kumin C. Mary Oliver D. Marilyn Hacker

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