Hooking Up On GetItOn: A Summary Of Our GetItOn Review

Hooking Up On GetItOn: A Summary Of Our GetItOn Review


This site is focused on sexual compatibility – while it isn’t as good as our TOP 3 sites, it’s still very decent and we wre able to pull women off it. It comes in at #4 oin our overall list.

As you will learn from this review, we thoroughly enjoyed our journey on Get It On. We chatted with a lot of cool women and even hooked up with quite a few of them. Although this is an adult dating site, we classify it as a classy site. There are fewer nasty women than most hookup sites. And even the men appear to be a bit classier than on other sites.

Women actually respond to emails on this site. That’s because they are frequently active on Get It On. Unlike other hookup sites, women aren’t just “tire kicking”. They’re out looking to get laid. In this review, we uncover the tactics we used to have success on Get It On. We recommend you Adam4Adam. com copy our “work” and hookup with as many women as we did. There are plenty of hotties to choose from all over the United States on Get It On. If you’re ready to get a piece of the action, read this in-depth Get It On review.

Our Favorite Get It On Tactic For Hooking Up Fast

It didn’t take long to get laid on Get It On. All 5 of our team was able to score within 2 weeks. 2 of us got some in a matter of days. We used our typical aggressive – but not perverted – method for attracting women. Everything we taught you in our hookup guide is the strategy you should employ on this dating site. Women on Get It On are very receptive to a man that is able to write a witty, creative, and original first email. It gets their attention quickly.

The Women Of Get It On: What To Expect On Get It On

Want to bang hot women? Then you are in for a treat with Get It On. There are a plethora of them. There are as many attractive women on this site as there are anywhere (online or offline). You could walk into a crowded bar in Las Vegas and find fewer hot women than on Get It On.

What are the women on this site looking for? Sex, sex, and more sex. And then some more sex! We encountered many women that tried the bar scene and turned to Get It On because they wanted a regular friends-with-benefits relationship – not just a one-night stand. They’re not looking for a perverted man, however. They want a guy that has some class and is willing to please them. They will, in turn, please you. We did not sleep with any selfish women on Get It On, which is a rarity.

Get It On Our Test Results: 2 Months On Get It On

We’re not trying to brag, but we had a ton of success with the women on Get It On. Our strategy for attracting women worked like a charm on this awesome hookup site. And the women we met were more than acceptable – they were hotties with amazing bodies.

120 emails sent introducing ourselves 18 dates set-up 16 dates we showed up for 12 full closes (women we slept with)

How To Game Get It On: Tips & Tactics

As mentioned above, we prefer using the classy guy strategy to attract women. We do that on every site. However, it’s even more important on Get It On than anywhere else because the site has a classier approach. Yes, people come to Get It Onjust for sex, but they’re looking to have sex with someone that has their act together. Be the guy that expresses his desire for a sexual relationship in a way that doesn’t make you appear to be a pervert.

Top 3 Get It On Hookup Dating Features

So many amazing dating site features to choose from. But we have decided that these ones are our 3 favorites…

1. GetItOn Member Webcam – Profiles, IM’s, and emails only give you an idea of what a woman is like. On Get It On, you can have her strut her stuff for you on webcam. Although most hookup sites provide a webcam feature, there are none better than the one on Get It On. The video runs smoothly and the picture quality is excellent. Plus, it’s easy to use and access. Just log into your account and you’ll find the video feature on your main membership page. 2. Advanced Search – Every site offers some sort of advanced search capabilities. But on Get It On, they allow you to filter your search based on more characteristics. Decide what type of woman you’re looking for, her age range, and where you want her to be located, and you’ll see a big list of women you’re bound to be interested in. It’s always nice to be able to avoid even seeing profiles of women you would never go for. 3. Extensive Profiles – Some sites don’t give their members much room to write about themselves in their profiles. That’s not the case on Get It On. You can write almost the length of an essay on this site! You will have the opportunity to creatively tell women who you are and what you’re looking for with their extensive profiles.

Get It On Memberships – Which Plan To Use

Please note that the pricing information is subject to change at any time. Get It On is the most affordable quality hookup site. You can’t find a better bang (pun intended) for your buck. Prices start at just $5.99 a month (for limited service). It’s always best to sign-up for the more expensive plans because they give you full access. Higher plans aren’t much more money but they’re well worth it. For example, you can receive 18-months of membership on Get It On for the 12-month price of $, which is their top plan, and well worth the money.

Our Overall Get It On Conclusion

5 of us regular dudes were able to hookup with 12 total women in a 2-month period. That’s pretty darn good, especially considering we aren’t the tall, dark, and handsome type. We’re ordinary looking guys that know how to attract women online. And we were able to do that on Get It On because the site makes it possible. The women are great and so are the website’s features. We love everything about Get It On and most definitely recommend it to our readers. Only a few sites rated higher than Get It On.

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