Brand new tokens one to happened relatively shorter appear to post-CLC try shown from inside the Desk 4

Brand new tokens one to happened relatively shorter appear to post-CLC try shown from inside the Desk 4

This type of tokens are: signs (age.grams., , >, /, +, ^, =), numerals (e.g., 1, 2, 3) acronyms, shortenings and you will contractions (e.grams., t, k, ff, ni, mn, nie, jy, gwn, s, lol; and this consider: het, dat, ok/ik, actually, niet, hem, niet, jij, gewoon, are, make fun of aloud; translations: they, one, ok/We, having a bit Footnote 7 , not, my personal, maybe not, your, merely, is), punctuation marks (e.g., ! ? : ; not the period and comma), pronouns (age.grams., ik, jij, hem, hij, me personally, je, jou; translations: I, you, your, he, me personally, you/your), opinion-associated adjectives/adverbs (e.grams., echt, lekker, mooi, goed, nieuwe, niks, leuk, zeker, mooie, super; translations: really, nice/delicious, nice/gorgeous, an excellent, new, absolutely nothing, nice/stunning, nice/nicely, sure, sweet, super), and interjection conditions (age.g., ja, haha, nee, boy, hoor, nou, hahaha, he, jaa, inspire, jaaa, okay, fuck, crap, wtf; translations: sure, haha, zero, guy, you are aware, well, hahaha, hey/huh, yeah, impress, okay). Basically, what that occurred apparently more frequently pre-CLC portray mostly casual words use, eg contractions, bizarre spellings, signs and profanity.

Shape nine gift suggestions the brand new cousin variations in POS incorporate adopting the CLC, weighed against Standard-split I and you can II

Dining table 5 merchandise tokens one to happened seemingly more often blog post-CLC, this type of tokens comprise: content (we.elizabeth., de-, het, een; translations: feminine/masculine the brand new, neuter this new, a(n)), conjunctions (e.grams., durante, away from, omdat, need, zodat; translations: and you may, otherwise, once the, due to the fact, in order that), prepositions (elizabeth.grams., doorway, inside, om, found, more than, tijdens, aan, tot; translations: through/by, when you look at the, for/within, with, about/over, during, to/toward, until), reliable and connecting verbs (elizabeth.g., worden, hebben, zijn, moeten, kunnen, maken, willen; translations: end up being, have, are, must, can, make, want). Total, new tokens you to definitely happened seemingly more frequently blog post-CLC depict a great deal more official language use when compared to the pre-CLC tokens inside Dining table cuatro.

Dining table 6 presents bigrams one to took place apparently more frequently pre-CLC. These types of bigrams primarily happened to be personal pronoun + verb combinations (we.e., ik ga, ik heb, ik ben, ik wil, ik dacht, heb je, ik moet, denk ik, ik kan, ik kom, ik had, ik was; translations: I’m going, I have, I’m, I want, I was thinking, maybe you have, I want to, I do believe, I’m able to, I-come, I’d, I found myself). Once again, the outcome suggest that there is relatively far more informal language usage, that’s, relatively more regular situations of self-referential language, which suggests a private and you will personal vocabulary need.

The fresh new bigrams you to definitely took place apparently more frequently article-CLC, from inside the Table eight, happened to be primarily prepositional sentences otherwise preposition + article combinations (elizabeth.grams., van de, van het, door de, naar het, van een, om de-, over de-, aan de-, more het, when you look at the het, satisfied het, satisfied de, om het, bij het, om een, voor het; translations: on, about, by the, to your, out-of a beneficial, regarding, along side, regarding, on the, about/over the, because of the, within the, on), indicating more in depth meanings of problem which is referred to from the tweets. Notably, the development of extra prepositions may explain the upsurge in sentence size after the CLC.

POS research

The following hypothesis from the a potential rise in the usage adjectives, adverbs, blogs, conjunctions, and you may prepositions, is actually tested playing with an excellent POS analysis. Table 8 displays the fresh cousin wavelengths away from POS kinds. The CLC got a greater effect on POS use in contrast in order to baseline distinctions. Such as for example, the latest CLC induced a boost in the employment of posts, conjunctives, and prepositions compared to the almost every other POS categories. Which increase means that the fresh new CLC changed the newest syntactic structures off tweets, and this is supported by brand new finding that sentence duration increased. All of a sudden, the latest cousin volume out-of adverbs and you will adjectives didn’t improve immediately following the fresh new CLC. Simultaneously, the difference between Baseline-broke up I and you can Standard-split II reveals alot more variation ranging from week step 3 and you can month cuatro compared to few days 1 and you will week dos. This suggests a trend regarding vocabulary incorporate started by CLC.

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